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Antinous as Osiris (demo)Jesse Kramer
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Available on Bandcamp

Kramer’s latest project Antinous as Osiris was inspired by two of the most important 20th century literary figures, Marguerite Yourcenar and Langston Hughes. Kramer translates Yourcenar’s exquisite language from her historical novel Memoirs of Hadrian and Hughes’ cadence from Montage of a Dream Deferred into timeless melodies with lush harmonies and sophisticated rhythmic structures.

Acacia (demo)Jesse Kramer
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Kramer's debut album, 

Acacia, is a tribute and a celebration of the Africanisms that have shaped American music and culture.  Featuring Damon Warmack (bass), Glenn Tucker (keyboards), Marcus Elliot (sax) and Kris Johnson (trumpet).


 Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and CD Baby.



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